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The Photonic Desire


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Aug 25, 2010
The Photonic Desire
-Isaac (Wannaburnstuff)

When I am bored and have naught to do
I sit at my computer and gander at you
You people, the forum, whom fuels the fire
Of my coherent, photonic desire.

I spend all my cash and my girlfriend gets mad
Because instead of a date I go measure mRad
My Lasers are green, and deep violet and blue
Even some orange and deep reddish hues

Some people don't get why I "waste" all my money
They think that my lights are simply too funny
Until I whip out a three watt blue beam
And light up their couch to let off some steam

Then they don't think my lasers are funny
They grovel and beg and throw me their money
But I am not stupid, oh no, no not I...
They'd shine it at airplanes...or burn out my eye!

I'm not down for prison, they'd kill me in there.
They'd beat me to death and rip out my hair.
They'd bloody my face and stick shivs in my belly,
And pulverize me until my eyes turned to jelly

No I won't go to prison for some jackass punk
Who thinks he can use lasers to light up his skunk
You put down my laser and pick up that lighter
Else you'll see this nice guy turn into a fighter.

I care for my lasers, really I do
I care that their polish is maintained like new
I buy them nice cases, and boxes, and stands
And tripods and clamps and even helping hands

I keep them from morons,
I keep them from rain
I keep them from heat
And I keep them from pain

Reverse polarization is always a no no
And cheap batt's can stay the hell out of my dojo
I'll use only glass lenses and throw away my acrylics
But of the G lenses, I must say, i'm one of the critics.

See I like clean beams, and clean dots, and no splash
And the g lenses simply won't give me all that
And even though i could get much extra power
What I already have could make grown men cower.

So my lasers I'll keep, and my stomach ignore
As I grow my funds for, you guessed it, many more.
I'll sell what i have and build more even better
And one day each laser I will be perfect to the letter

This is my poem about what I crave
The photons that make each one of us rave
That blindingly, beautiful, powerful light
Now put on your goggles! And light up the night!


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LPF Site Supporter
Oct 14, 2012
Very impressive Isaac!
You are now the official "LPF 'Photonic' Poet Laureate".

:gj: +1


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Oct 27, 2011
^ditto: I was listening on eminem on the ipod.

Dat RGB title though :p One word, EPIC.