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Surplus - Scanner Assembly $15


New member
Oct 11, 2007
Not sure if anyone would like this to play with, but here it is:


Loaded with great precision parts. We think these were made for higher end laser printers, but not certain. Includes a Laser polygon mirror/motor assembly with driver board, laser diode with driver board, two beautiful front surface mirrors, two coated precision lenses and other parts. One of the mirrors is 250mm long by 14mm wide by 8mm thick. The other is 160mm by 10mm by 8mm thick. Mirror/motor is six sided. Both lenses appear to be cylinder lenses (which makes sense as cylinder lenses can transform a point of light into a line image). One is 100mm long by 10mm wide by 15mm high at its peak and has a positive focal length of 180mm. The other appears to have 0 focal length and is meniscus style 50mm long by 10mm wide by 10mm thick. Just one cylinder lens this size alone would cost you much more than our price for this entire assembly. If you can figure out which printer this was made for, you should buy them all as we see similar units selling for over $175 on sale. Unused.