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Strange problem - payment & wrong PP address


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Sep 17, 2009
Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else or if anyone can explain what might have gone wrong?

So I purchased a laser from a certain website using their webpage, checked out and it sent me to the paypal site. Went through logging in and confirming payment etc. I got the email receipt back and noticed that the address it was sent to was not the merchant I ordered from?

Name: Christopher Danil (The recipient of this payment is Non-US - Verified)
Email: admin@commcats.net

Total Amount: -$193.00 USD
Fee amount: $0.00 USD
Net amount: -$193.00 USD (equals -£137.22 GBP)

Conversion from: -£136.12 GBP
Conversion to: $193.00 USD
Exchange rate:1 British Pound = 1.41796 US Dollars

Item amount: $193.00 USD
Postage: $0.00 USD
Packing: $0.00 USD

Item Title: Edited at request of merchant
Item Number: Store Receipt
Date: 14 May 2010
Time: 11:24:03 PDT
Status: Completed

Now I know I am right in saying that the payment email address is automatically filled in on the PP payment page. and in order to change it would require a few steps I would have remembered doing.

I had an online chat with the merchant support and went through the order process again to test it, and everything went through as expected and was confirmed with the person in chat.

Of course I have opened a dispute with PP over the matter. I am prepared to admit if this was my error, but I am 100% sure I changed nothing on the PP payment page, I use it often enough to know.

Anyone else seen this type of problem in the past? Please do not speculate on the merchant concerned - they are worried it might affect their business and raise a lot of questions from would be buyers

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