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Star Trek series I laser converted Phaser now with glass emitter, on eBay


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Jun 6, 2009
Hi guys n gals,

Some of you might remember my story. I realised a life long ambition to own a replica Phaser from Star Trek series one. I bought an Art Asylum replica as they are widely acknowledged to be the most faithful reproduction available.

When I pulled the trigger and the pathetic red LED blinked out of the plastic emitter, I about lost the will to live. Instead, though, I set out to design the Phaser I think it should have been.

I did it, originally using engineered brass laser module holders to mount the laser inside the casings of the Phaser. Since then, I have completely overhauled the design and now, using the same 240mW 532nm green laser diode, I mounted it, instead, inside the casings in a hand crafted steel mount, with sub-miniature switches to the trigger and over-load dial to work in conjunction with the uprated 5v 100mAh Nimh rechargeable power pack I designed with the charge socket set into the base of the pistols grip.

In addition, I got in touch with a glassworks here in the UK and got them to manufacture a precision ground glass emitter to replace the original acrylic one so that the laser's beam could exit relatively freely and, with the sides of the emitter left "frosted" from the grinding process, it meant that the beam could spread once it left the emitter, blasting up into the night sky like a proper Phasers stream.

The best bit, though, is that I designed a circuit that drives the laser in conjunction with the Phasers existing five sound effects (I've seen conversions that see the laser fire independently of the blast effects which is nowhere near as effective). The circuit employs an IC transistor driver that precisely modulates the lasers sequence to match that of the sound effects from stun, warm, kill and vaporize. But the over-load setting has to be seen to be believed!

I've found an Ansmann intelligent Nimh charger to accompany the kit and now I've decided to list them on eBay. I currently have two up at auction and I will give a 10 pct discount to any laserpointerforums.com member who bids and wins on one and if they bid on both and win then the discount goes up to 15 pct. If you search for Star Trek depth3d on eBay, my two listings will come up.

If anyone has any questions regarding the Phaser's conversion, I shall be only too happy to answer them.

Kind regards



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Sep 20, 2008
You don't need to open multiple Threads for the Same identical
One will suffice....