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Spyder Arctic G2 review

Jun 16, 2009
WL Spyder Arctic III G2 Review

Yes, this is another arctic review, but at the end there is a special bit of info that I don’t think anyone else on the forum has discovered yet!

Shipping: My arctic arrived before I even knew they had processed it over there, so I do have to say that the shipping was A+. Here is what it looked like the second I got it!

Packaging: The laser came packaged a little different then the other packages I’ve seen coming from WL. There was no big black WL box, but simply the arctic in its case, a box with the battery and charger, and the goggle case placed in a bubble-wrap shipping bag.

Battery/Charger: The battery is no longer the older style, but is now a newer green Samsung 18650 cell. This battery works great, I tested it out in a few other lasers aswell which all work properly on it. I also discharged it as far as I could, then threw it on the charger with the supplied charger in a metal pot to be sure. I left it there for 4 days to see if anything would happen, nothing. The charger is a standard 1x 18650 charger, nothing fancy here. Here is a pic of what they looked like upon arrival:

Goggles: the goggles came just in their case, with a micro-fiber cloth tucked in. They work Great for me, and yield the following results:
High= 8mW through
Low=4mW through
They fit nicely, and feel and look good when you wear them!

The Laser: It came in its arctic box/case with the new WL lens pen tucked in there too! It made the trip safely with neither a scratch nor dent. Upon power tests this unit seems to like to hang around 800mW with a minimum sustained power of 729mW and a max of about 820mW. Power readings taken on a Laserbee, and a Radiant alpha LPM. The unit is very stable, and WILL TAKE A PROTECTED CELL! With a protected cell, the tail cap goes on ALL THE WAY so there is no issues there. The battery LEDs all work as they should, and so does both the mode switch and the tail cap switch. However, the pen in the tailcap does not come out with ease. I tried my best to pull it out, with no luck. Then I tried to get it out with a bit of cloth and a set of pliers, nothing. Next I tried to pry it out with a knife with no luck either, eventually I did get it out but it was no easy task. The laser has 4 modes in it that come on in this order from the time of power on.
Low Strobe
Low Stable
High Strobe
High Stable
I could not find anything on how to use the smart switch, but the code is “Click click click CLLLLLIIIICCCKK CLLIIICCCKK” and then you’re in!
Over all, I LOVE this laser. It feels great in the hand, and I am proud to own such an amazing piece of art. Pics:

Expanded Lens Kit: The lens kit came with 6 extra lenses not counting the normal lens, and the low power lens. They are all labeled for what they do. Here are some pics!

And here is a comparison pic of the old G1 arctic, and its battery against the new G2 with its new cell:

And finally a pic of the goggle sets from both the G1 arctic (On the left) and the G2 (On the right) :

And here is that special bit of info! This stone is a carved Paradot, which is bright vibrant lime green. When hit with 405nm, it does nothing, as with every other except 445nm! For some reason, 445nm turns it into a high lighter orange!!!!

Before 445:

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it! :beer:
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Jun 12, 2010
Nice review! I'd +rep you, but I can't. :(

Nice to seem them all pouring in at this point in time.

Problem is, everyone's read so many it's no longer funny and they just ignore them.

So mine's found a home on PL instead :D
Nov 4, 2010
LMAO Steve is handing these out like candy.

Nice review Dustin.

BTW did you get the package I sent you?