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Some tips for thread titles.

olympus mons

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Nov 4, 2014
One more thing to add-
Please people, try to keep the search engines and easy glancing in mind when making your thread title. For example...

Bad title - Help!!!! need some help here!
That is pretty un helpful. It tells nothing about what kind of help is needed without having to open a frantic thread only to find out someone is asking something easily found using a search or what laser to buy. Anyone doing this is going to rub some the wrong way.

Good title- Some clarification on driver settings for 2W 445?
This is easy to read and to know whats in the box at a glance and will also attract more of the right people to help you. It will also help people find what they are looking for when going through the pages of archived dead threads of times past. (This is a good thing to do when you are learning)
Thanks all,
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