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Single Mode Blue Pen Laser Build! Osram PL450B in Leadlight Host **Video Added!!*

Jude the Dude

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Dec 3, 2015
IIRC the cap is just press fit. I left mine off to allow me a little bit more room to work with, and also to make it focusable. I'd love to make a nice RGB chrome pen set like you are doing, but I'd want a better driver/battery combo than the one I'm using currently.

Also, the copper module that I got from DTR is a tad bit too small and just slid inside the host. I made a case positive build, so I fixed two problems by running the case wire from the driver to the outside of the copper module, making a sandwich that keeps the module in place and makes constant contact with the driver. This sounds a bit confusing so I can reword that if you want.

With my PL520 I'm using a microboost and 2 AA batteries.

Hi there! I am quite new to powerful lasers, and although I've owned a few 10mw s in the past, I don't have much real experience in DIY lasers. I love your YouTube channel and I have finally decided to try and build your 160mw pen laser build. I am planning to order the Osram PL450B diode in copper module from DTR's laser shop, and buy the host from jayrob, and I was wondering if you could recommend a suitable driver - as I can't seem to find the Microboost Drive online... I am really eager to get to work on building this masterpiece, but I am in a dilemma about the driver. Does the driver have to be a Micro Boost, and how would I change the current on the potentiometer to 280mA, because that's what you used.



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Dec 15, 2014
Hi Styro,
I'm a big fan of pen builds it's a change from the larger hosts.That's an awesome build i just ordered a pen from 66 to give it a shot. Can't wait till it gets here don't know whats going in it that's the hard part cause there are so many choices. Single mode sweet Pal. I have copper and brass pens but not like this. Good luck and a good job done.