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Search for equivalent 650nm, 3.3mm OD laser module


New member
Jan 9, 2017
I am currently using a less than 1 mW, 650nm, 3.3mm OD x 7mm, 3.3V (max) laser module in a design for a medical device to perform a simple pointing/locating task. It is in a plastic case and was perfect for the location and application but unfortunately, it does not meet critical temperature specifications. The part is the APCD-650-17-C2-A from Arima Lasers and it is also sold by Laser Components with a different part number. The part has a storage temperature range from 0C to 60C and my requirement is -25C to 70C.

My search has included many laser manufacturers and resellers but the only other companies that I have found to date that have anything close are:
  • Laser Components/Arima
  • Egismos
  • Frankfurt Laser

Egismos has one module that meets the temperature requirement but is 4mm OD x 10mm. The smaller size of the Arima part is critical to the design and we do not think we can do enough redesign of the package to make the larger module fit.

My question for the group is, what other companies might have small laser modules that meet or exceed this requirement set (<1mW, 650nm, 3.3mm OD x 7mm, 3.3V (max), storage temp -25C to 70C, plastic case preferred)?

And a sub question: Other than Google searches, what other sites might I check out to try to ensure that I have done an exhaustive search of the available products/manufacturers?

I did do several LPF searches but possibly I did not use the correct search terms to find the information.

Thank you in advance for any and all replies!