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Sci-Fi Lasers - A Cautionary Tale for Those Who Would be Laser Builders

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Dec 28, 2009
When I originally posted this thread back on Saturday 04-16-2016, 11:09 PM, I stated that “I was sorry to see Eitan, thejoker301, seemingly to have become yet another LPF member getting caught up in the difficulties of being a laser builder when having ridden too high on his success got swept up into accepting more orders than he could deliver.” Where less than 24 hours later Eitan indeed found himself in a world of hurt as his Sci-Fi Lasers business imploded within the LPF community, only to be followed by his inflammatory posting http://laserpointerforums.com/f41/apology-everyone-97128.html#post1416158 within which he basically laid the blame on everyone else except himself in one final demonstration of his lack of character and honesty.

This saga of Eitan and his Sci-Fi Lasers serves very well to high light some of the pitfalls “a would-be hobbyist laser builder” may fall into if he strays into unethical business behaviors where he places his interests above those of his customers.

A pivotal point for a hobbyist laser builder when he gets over extended, like Eitan obviously did, is often in the making of the fatal mistake in continuing to accept new orders (the taking of other people's hard earned money) while at the same time failing to acknowledge his growing problem of being unable to fulfill his commitments. Some when beset with this type of crisis try to hide behind more and more elaborate excuses instead of just owning up early on to having gotten in over their head, but rather instead slip into creating a desperate web of deception before falling completely out of sight into a state of silent avoidance.

Most often these individuals start off with such good intentions coupled with a real flare of talent and skill for creating much sought after laser pointers so much the same as so many others have done and continue to do so in meeting their commitments in a successful manner. However, it seems the underlying problem begins when these particular members fail to transition successfully from being just a small quantity "hobbyist" builder into becoming in actuality more of a "small business owner" replete with the new demands on them for developing additional skills for managing their time, money, and ability to process orders in an organized and disciplined manner. One of the several slippery slopes these laser builders may find themselves set upon is with the commingling of their personal spending money with the funds transferred to them in good faith for laser build orders. Another slippery slope is when what was so much fun and exciting about building lasers begins to lose its appeal to the ever increasing demands on their personal time as each day brings more and more new orders that gradually becomes viewed more as drudgery while also realizing they are having less and less time for anything else.

However, the point they reach for setting in motion an eventual day of reckoning occurs when they find themselves having either spent too much of the order money with not enough left for laser builds, and or of having accepted far more orders than they could ever hope to find the time to fulfill. Or, there can also be the occurrence of a life event that can suddenly demand all of their time and attention, and since these individuals are nearly all an exclusive one man show, when a major life distraction occurs they appear to have seemingly and for no reason to have suddenly and without notice gone dark in response to PMs, emails or other means of contact, even as anxiety begins to soar among those having sent money began feeling more and more that they have been hung out to dry without explanation.

A period of prolonged excuses without results and or going dark for lack any response for an extended length of time can only hasten the precipitation of the resultant cascade effect of members posting complaint threads filled with their frustration and anger. It is at this point how these laser builder LPF members then respond or their lack of a response thereof to the ensuing fire storm of rage from their stiffed customers that can all but seal the fate of one who was formerly well trusted and praised as being a highly reliable supplier up to that point. There have been those just like Eitan whose response was in lashing out in a childish onslaught against the very ones whose money they’ve taken along with their trust in a vain attempt to blame everyone else except themselves. And then there have been those members who have been able to recover a measure of reputation by having truly stepped up in admitting their failure and have been seen as making an honest attempt toward making things right; however; there will always remain the collective memory of their missteps that will give members pause in consideration of ever doing business with this member again.

Note some of the previous members we've seen to have gotten into similar straits:

As for Eitan, his fate has been sealed with LPF and the PayPal account he used; however, as others before him have done, he may return elsewhere with a new and reinvented internet personality to once again prey upon other unsuspecting and trusting individuals just as he did so here.
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