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Sanded brass SKY laser pen


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Dec 10, 2013
Evening all,

so I was filing away at my SKY LP laserpen power button last night with the intention of making it fit a clamp a little better. After a short while I realised I'd buffed away some of the hosts's paint, and underneath was a gorgeous yellow-gold brushed metal, appears to be brass. So I thought sod it, and sanded the whole thing :crackup:


tailcap has taken on a lovely brass colour. couldn't quite get all the white paint out of the groove where the username sticker goes, but done evenly it looks alright.

hose clip is a good job at pinning the button on and expands on the rustic, steampunk sort of look.

This is the first time I've done anything of this sort on a laser and I was pleased it went 100% successful. As I outlined when I did my review of this laser, it isn't 100% perfectly working and as it was just a cheapie I ordered on the back of my 445 order I wasn't too concerned about breaking it. The hose clip is necessary as the button requires fairly constant pressure to keep it working at full output. The key switch now serves as the power button.

Finally, here's a short, 50 second video:

thanks for reading/watching.
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