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Running for ILDA board


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Aug 21, 2009
I'm running for a seat on the ILDA board of directors. Please vote for me if you feel I am an asset to the laser community and industry in general.

My name is Christopher. I'm an artist and systems engineer. I've been building laser display hardware and programming shows for a number of years. I started working on laser equipment as a hobby and as a way to add unusual elements into my photography projects. Now I'm an ILDA award winning content creator and am the only individual ILDA member to sweep an awards category.

We are extremely fortunate to be allowed to do what we do. To tell stories and entertain and convey meanings and passions with only flickering light and mirrors. What we do is only the smallest of steps away from science fiction. We've been given this strange and seductive technology and we have an obligation to create the most amazing and elegant light with it. We are the innovators and the creators of this art and this industry and that is such a rare thing.

I originated from the hobbyist community and I've experienced first hand the threads of art and science and innovation that hobbyists and experimenters have to offer. I fundamentally believe that these new ideas and approaches only enrich our palettes and tools.

It's not about making kilowatt beam shows. It's about making art and tension and emotion and wonderment.

I'm very interested in bringing to ILDA new focuses on art and presentation. We have the technology and the talent and the artistry and it's just a matter of finding the proper aggregate. I have strong attention to safety and details, experience working on international teams, and a desire to sublimate the laser industry.

All I'm asking is to let me share some of my energy and passion with you so we can all make better light.

Thank you.