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RIFLE445 v2.0 1.2W new at lazerer.com


Jun 13, 2010
RIFLE 445nm - Full 1.2W Focusable Blue Laser Pointer

This is Brand new RIFLE series 445nm Full 1.2W Blue Laser Pointer from LAZERER.com. High quality finished with thickened anodization aluminum so that the laser is much more heavy and you will feel how "powerful" when you are holding it on your hands. You will see how big it is when comparing to other laser. Extention screw on the front aperture will allow you to attach 5 different lens for this laser pointer ( Purchase separately ). Brand new V2 version have a laser engraved "RIFLE" logo on the body. AR Coated glass lens is choosen as a collimate lens in new version, which can increase the overall output up to 10% comparing to resin lens. Built in powerful 1W 445nm laser diode driven at 1200mA. Incredible 1.2W+ power is ensured. This allow you not only pop the ballnoon, ignite the match, but also burn through a white paper or set the wooden part of a match on fire. Due to the high heating effect of the laser diode. Please strictly follow the duty cycle to prevent the laser from demaging.