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Review Smallsun ZY-T07


Sep 14, 2010

For review I was sent the Smallsun ZY-T07 XM-L 2x18650 flashlight by Tmart

Specifications :

Modes 5
Mode Arrangement Hi > Mid >Lo > Strobe > SOS
Emitter Type CREE T6
Lumens 1200 Lumens
Power 10W
Bulb Quantity 1
Light Color White
Lightbulb Lifespan 100000 hours
Lighting Distance 200m
Battery Configuration 2 x 18650 Battery (not included)
Input Voltage 7.4V-8.6 V
Runtime 2-3 hours
Switch Type Clicky
Switch Location Side-cap
Lens Coated Glass Lens
Reflector Aluminum Smooth / SMO Reflector
Material Aerospace aluminum alloy
Color Black
Dimensions ( 5.55 x 1.97 x 1.97 )" / ( 14.1 x 5 x 5 ) cm / (L x Head Dia. x Body Dia.)
Weight 8.82 oz / 250 g
Waterproof Yes
Lanyard Yes

First Impression :

Wow , this is built like a tank , it has decent throw and good output . It is very well put together , good even coloring , and takes extra long protected 18650 without issue . The light works and works well , and the first thing to hit me was the switch . When you turn on the light , you need to cycle through all the modes to turn the light off , and this is simply because it has an electronic switch rather than a mechanical clicky . I have to say , everyone I have shown the ZY-T07 too , has been really impressed by the solid build on this light , and for some reason they all sort of mimic smacking a felon in the head with it ? ( go figure ) The 18650 batteries run parallel , so the voltage in is 4.2v but the load is shared by both batteries , now this is a good thing , as each battery will be doing half the work .

Performance :

This light is built , and I mean built . There is potential here for some serious hot rodding , but personally I'm happy to see some sane numbers for the output . Now as always , please take the tail cap readings and output readings as they are , simply readings , and to be taken as a guide to performance . Now I first used my Jetbeam PA40 to help calibrate the light box ( my Jetbeam is nearly spot on for factory claims ) , and I measured output at around 770 Lumen for high . Current measurements for both batteries ranged from 0.9A to 1A depending on when I took the reading . On the medium setting I got a reading of 387 Lumens , and a current reading of 0.5A to 0.55A . Low returned an output reading of 188 Lumens and a current reading of 0.21A to 0.3A . Now on high there was some output sag as the light ran , it wasn't dramatic , but there was a steady measurable decline .

Throw :
High = 25000Lux @ 1 meter
Medium = 12700Lux @ 1 meter
Low = 6100Lux @ 1 meter

I never cease to be amazed , was not so long ago that the figures this light offers on LOW were some what standard for XR-E lights on high a few years ago .. Anyone want to go back to the Q5 ? ( I would not mind a XR-E T6 )

A closer Look :

Now the specs claim 7.4 to 8.4v , ???? unless something is happening at the driver , and the parallel feed is some how made into a series ? which could very well be done , I'm not sure how to check that ?




Now because of the charger port , I would not call this light water Proof , I may call it water resistant . When I pulled the lens off I found the reflector to be made of plastic , 40mm DIA and about 25/26mm Deep , the hex ( Allen Key ) bolts are 2.5mm Metric .






As can be seen in the pictures the light is very modular , and the scope for modification is just huge . I found everything to be of good quality , and the fits , threads , etc were very nicely done .




Now this light does run on a single battery , which is why I dont think its a 7.4v to 8.4v ... and why I think its simply a 4.2v

Conclusion :

This is a serious handful of light , the build quality over all on this sample was excellent , I have nothing to complain about , but I would like to suggest a few minor changes :

1. Get rid off the charger port , this is a negative not a plus .
2. The electronic switch ? and having to go through all the modes , do we really need strobe and SOS
3. This is a hefty light , I would like to see a hefty pill , the pill was a little light for my liking ..
4. There is parasitic drain from the electronic switch , I measured 0.01 to 0.02A ( so some where in between )

This is one heck of a interesting light , I like it the way it is , but it could be just a little better . For the price of $30.46 USD at time of review , is not a lot of money for such a fine flash light . And it is by no means a EDC , but for around the house , in the car - boat - camper - offers serous robustness ( who am I kidding it's built like a Tank ) .

Now , it also does look like a dive light , as is , I would make no such claim , nor try to use it as such . But .... If you took a little time , and effort , some silicone , and made an effort to water proof the light , I think it could be a dive light . As it is , it would make for a fantastic front door light , or back door light . Now while it is a hefty light say compared to a L2 , it's not that hefty when compared to other dual 18650 lights , its just smaller , stronger , and maybe better thought out , and the way the internals are set up , tougher as well .

If the ZY-T07 had been 3 mode , not had the charger port , and a beefier pill , I would demand every flashaholic buy this light , as it is right now , I think its worthy of your consideration , and it would be remiss of me not to say it was a good light , because it is , it's a damned good light . And with a little refinement , it could be simply amazing .








I would like to thank Tmart for sponsoring this review , and for allowing me to test a very interesting flashlight ..
Thank you Tmart .