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Review - Rayfoss 50mW green laser pointer


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Mar 27, 2009
Here are some pictures of Rayfoss 50mW laser pointer:

Diameters: φ25*100MM
Laser Wavelength: 532 nm
Optical Power: 40-50mW
Point Shape: Dot
Spot Diameters at 10M: <18mm
Beam Roundness: >90%
Beam Radiation Angle: 1.5-2.5mrad
Operating Current: <450mA
Working Voltage: DC=3.7V
Trigger Voltage: DC=2.6V
Operating Temperature: +15℃~+30℃
Storage Temprature: -10℃~+40℃
Power Supply: 1pcs CR123A(16340) Li battery

It’s pretty heavy laser pointer for its size.
Laser uses one small 16340 battery and I’m impressed with battery lifespan.
I used laser for few hours and still works with the same battery.
18650 battery is what I preffer but even this small batery does good job.
Laser module is cooled with big heatsink on the front and doesn’t get warm even after few minutes of use.

They tested laser before shipping and told me that power is 52mW in 30-second test.
And yes, brightness is very good.
Compared to 50mW DX, it is a bit brighter (When you buy DX 50mW laser pointer, power can vary from sample to sample)
And what is about burning?
I’m disappointed.
Laser can not burn anything, even not black tape.
Can 50mW laser burn?
I don’t have LPM so can’t test real power.

I must say that divergence is worse compared to DX 50mW laser.
I got good sample of 50mW DX laser and must say that divergence is better.
When I point Rayfoss 50mW in sky I can hardly notice that beam is becoming fatter.
It’s not that bad, dot is not big on few meters.
Beam diameter on few centimeters is about 2mm.
It’s 0.5mm larger than beam from DX 50mW.

Current through driver is 334mA and not 450mA as mentioned in specifications.

It’s good laser pointer for $30.
DX lasers are also good but it’s lottery.
Sometime you get 5mW, sometime more than 50mW.
Rayfoss tests lasers before shipping and you know what you will get.
Also, you can expect better duty rate and longer life of module.

Good design
Quality of host
Big Heatsink
Push button

Can’t burn
Divergence is not very good as I expected


Dec 27, 2008
nice review....but 50mw should smoke some black stuff... some kind of dark plastic........ no? my 30mw can smoke some black plastic... but maybe you have a larger dot...


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Mar 27, 2009
It's not because of large dot.
I used magnifier to focus beam in very small dot but even then it can hardly burn black tape.
I don't have LPM, ...I can't measure power.
Maybe it's underpowered.
It's hard to tell power if you have only eyes to test it.