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Review of LaserBee 5 WATT Limited Edition LPM


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Oct 23, 2010
Received a new LaserBee Limited Edition 5Watt LPM from Jerry 2010-12-03 15:40.
The LPM works great, and easy to use.
Noticed that the place of the battery does not have any battery contact for the 9 volt battery.
But that is okay for me, it could be used for as a storage for diodes!

*Pros: Easy to use, and good quality.

*Cons: Ophir could used a better plug than a molex connector on the Ophir Thermopile (But this is not Jerry`s fault)
I think a mini-usb would do the thing.

Here is a video:
YouTube - LaserBee 5 WATT Deluxe Edition LPM

In all i am wery happy with my laser power meter!:D
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