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Review: Jayrobs 1000 Lumen XM-L T6 Maglite


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Aug 4, 2010
Hey guys,
I just purchased and received this 1000 Lumen XM-L T6 Maglite 5D w/ voltage monitor.
Heres a quick review, I'm kind of a noob so forgive me if my review is all over the place.
Link to the sales thread:


1. OK, paid and received the item in 2 weeks, was rather surprised at the quick turnaround and the updates Jay provided was very professional.
2. Packaging was very well done, big box, lots of "protection" against the delivery guy throwing the box all around his truck and stuff.
3. I got the 5D cell model, with voltage monitor, using 5 Tenergy rechargeable Nimh 10,000mAh batts.
4. There is no overheating AT ALL, when used on HIGH, on and off for about 1 hour, I'm assuming the massive heat sink is doing it's job.
5. The throw is awesome, I'm a high-rise elevator inspector and I can literally blind a man who is 70 stories above me at the top of the elevator shaft (that's my intended purpose... not to blind him but to see the bottom of the elevator cab from that kind of distance).
6. My idiot co-worker asked me to shine the beam at his eyes from 5 ft away at full power with his eyes open, for less than one second... the result was blindness by way of blue spots for 3-5 minutes, he basically couldn't see a thing and if he was an attacker... well, he's done, fight is over. Very cool.
7. The build is very strong and heavy duty, as a true maglite is supposed to be, clean looking and professional. Standard issue for a Jayrob build, I expected nothing less.
8. The battery monitor is sublime, definitely a must for high output rechargeable batts, great idea and super handy.
9. The 3 modes are perfect, too many modes are annoying and sometimes you just don't need the skullcrushing power of the full 1000 lumens!
10. That's it for now, will add to this if I forgot something. I am very happy with this product: beauty, strength, power... what else can you ask for? Get one, you won't regret it!

Heres the link again:




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Sep 21, 2007
Hey thanks for making a review thread on it! +rep...

Your 5 X 10,000 mAh capaticy NiMH build should have some really nice run time capacity...

I took some readings before I sent it. Here are the readings: (measured at the tail - fully charged NiMH's X 5)

* High - 1845mA's - Estimated run time between charges - 5 1/2 hours.
* Medium - 599mA's - Estimated run time between charges - 16 1/2 hours.
* Low - 124mA's - Estimated run time between charges - 80 hours.

Just let me know when your ready for the 'Stubby' version! :)

The 'Stubby' is not using a voltage monitor. But the driver I'm using for it, requires a minimum of 3.2 volts supply. So because of that, you should be safe with an unprotected Li-Ion. Such as a 32600, or 32650... (or it can also fit a 26650 with sleeve)