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Review: Anti 405nm-532nm glasses from FocalPrice.com


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Mar 1, 2012
Hi guys!
I recently bought a pair of laser glasses from FocalPrice.com, so I thought that I'd make a review.
I ordered them on the 7th of February, they were sent the 10th of February, and I received them the 21st of February.
They came in the usual padded envelope, but the shipping was free and fast, so no complaints.
I tested them with a 30mW greenie, and they totally blocks the beam if you point through them. When wearing them, the only thing that you'll be able to see is a bit of IR.
I haven't tested them with anything else than 532nm yet, but I suppose I'll buy a 405nm/445nm at some point.
The glasses are in a good quality, equal to the safety glasses you get for New Years Eve.
All in all, I think they're quite good, and fenomenal for the price.

If you want 7% discount, then use this coupon: 'giveawaytrain' valid until 7th of April.

Price 5.41$

Build Quality


9/10 (hence they don't protect IR)

I definetely recommend them for everyone. Though, make sure your lasers focal point is not where the glasses are. It will melt them.

Buy the glasses here

I had a few problem with the size of the pic of the glasses, so click the link:

FocalPrice's logo.

If you enjoyed reading this review, or if it was any help for you, then please leave a rating and a comment. It really helps me tell what's good/bad. Thanks

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