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Review - 532nm Green Laser Pointer 50mw (LED Shoppe)


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Oct 7, 2010
532nm Green Laser Pointer 50mw $24.99 w/free shipping from LED Shoppe: http://www.ledshoppe.com/Product/ledp/LP1076.htm

Defective - way under spec - replacement sent and received

(review of GOOD replacement they sent is further below after this review)

Came bubble-wrapped in mailing envelope, 2 AAA Batteries were included.

Don't have a lightmeter, but this particular laser was obviously way under-spec, was noticeably dimmer than a $8.20 green laser from eBay listed as >5mw. It was very hard to see even a very faint beam (if any at all) even in the dark, whereas the 5mw eBay one has an easily visible beam in the dark.

(I'll see about adding photos of the laser spot compared to the much brighter laser spot of the replacement, and actual beam that can be seen with the replacement if I can get any of my inexpensive cameras to take such pictures later on when I have time)

On a positive note LED Shoppe sent me a VERY good tested replacement and without having to send the defective one back ! (review further below on the replacement)

Date ordered: 10-11-10
Date received: 10-28-10
(some delay because LED Shoppe said HK Post Office returned package for some reason and they had to resend it)
Number of days from ordering to receiving: 17 days

Review of GOOD replacement for the defective one reviewed above:

Green Laser Pointer 50mw (LED Shoppe)

Free, tested replacement for defective way under-spec laser originally received

Came bubble-wrapped in mailing envelope, 2 AAA Batteries were included.

What a big difference ! The replacement laser was VERY much noticeably brighter than the original one sent, the beam is even visible in the daytime in a dimly lit room and it has a slightly thicker beam than my 5mw eBay green. I don't have a lightmeter but my guess is this one is at the very least up to spec and more than likely somewhat over spec, I am very pleased with the replacement laser !

So I can say the replacement laser is worth the $24.99 price, and I can say that LED Shoppe has, from my recent experience, proven themselves to have very good customer service in honoring their promise to send a tested good replacement laser !

(the waiting time from ordering to receiving can sometimes be frustrating as with my original order (17 days), but that seems to simply be something you have to have patience with if you order from a company in HK)

Date received LED Shoppe email agreeing to send a tested replacement: 11-04-10
Date replacement sent: 11-11-10
Date received: 11-15-10
Number of days from LED Shoppe emailing agreement to replace laser and receiving replacement: 11 days
Number of days from replacement leaving HK to receiving: 4 days

I'm just throwing this review of another LED Shoppe item in here because it is something small that really doesn't need a seperate thread for a review:

Red Laser/white LED flashlight combo keychain units (LED Shoppe)

$3.00 (buy one get 2 free = $1.00 each)
Uses 3 AG-3 Batteries (included)

What can I say, these might not be powerhouse lasers, but being just $1.00 each they are neat for regular pointing at presentations and/or as a much safer laser to play with your pets. It could shine much further, but one night I shined it at some trees that were roughly 40-50 yards away and could easily see the red dot. I got it more for the red pointer than the white LED flashlight part, but that can still come in handy at times. Also this is small enough you can easily carry it in your shirt pocket. I'd rather not have to mess with the button type batteries, but for the $1.00 price it's not bad at all, the batteries seem to still be holding up well so they have been relatively fresh batteries. (you have to remove a small round plastic piece for the batteries to make contact in the unit, it likely comes that way to help preserve the freshness of the batteries)

Date ordered: (same as original LED Shoppe order as it was part of original 50mw green order at top)
Date received: (same as original LED Shoppe order as it was part of original 50mw green order at top)
Number of days from ordering to receiving: (same as original LED Shoppe order as it was part of original 50mw green order at top)
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