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RDTech, positive buyer's experience!


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Jan 8, 2013
Let me write down this little feedback full of positive experience from my point of view as a buyer.

First of all, the communication - absolutely friendly and open-minded atmosphere. RDTech showed a real patience here as well, since I ran into credit card difficulties and was shorter a few extra bucks, he didn't hesitate to go slightly lower to show his serious interest to sell the laser regardless:yh:

Once the payment's gone through, to my pleasant surprise (2nd one already!) he PM'd me the tracking number within an hour or two - simply impressive.

The actual delivery time was as to be expected, 5-7 days as my previous experience while buying from other US lpf.com members was there.

The Aurora SH-032 Stainless steel 450nm 1x18650 I received was very well packed, I think protected with 3-4 layers until I discovered it when finally unwrapped.

All in all:
The visual performance and looks of the laser were as described, price was very reasonable and communication can be labeled as flawless;)
The unit has to be LPM'd by me yet (laptop issues atm), but I can't see a reason results would be anything but out of range (claimed as 2.8W).

This particular experience is telling me, I'd buy from RDTech again, if anything specific comes up from his personal laser workhouse.




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May 4, 2009
Yes I have had a few dealings with RDTech and he is very friendly and will help you to the end.

The man knows what he is talking about and makes some of the best lasers I have seen :D

I would buy from him any day of the week :yh:
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