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Questions about cheap greenies


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Sep 21, 2011
Take a look at the links at the bottom of the page of two different units rated at 100 milliwatts and 200 milliwatts- one is supposedly available at abot 24$ and another about 45$.I wanted to get opinions on a few cheap green Lasers, a few of which are hybrids, with an LED Flashlight and a 5 mw green laser combination- one by Hotech- which is not cheap about 70 to 100 dollars.

There is another two which are LED flashlights with 10 mw rated Green laser- cool for playing around indoors, still requiring care but probably not needing goggles. These low power LED Combos can be left on like a flashlight I've been told and the beams are visible at night. One of these by Cree was on Amazon but is now out of stock probably because of the 10 milliwatt rating on the Laser side.


The other Hybrid is a LED torch high power focusable unit with a unique host which has a ring of white LEDs and a silver focus ring at the head and can accept a "kaleidoscope " attachment. These I've seen rated at 100 mw and even 200 mw BUT they use 3aaa batteries, they are like 40 to 60 dollars- what are these? I'd rather get a 10 milliwatt that can stay on for longer periods and uses Lithium batteries.


I'm new to this so school me- Opinions would be interesting and helpful, thanks.
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