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Question Regarding Hosts

May 11, 2013
Hi Everyone,

I'm in the process of learning about lasers - so I can request a specific build for a specific purpose.

So far I've learned whyI should put function over form when opting for colour, and why Dual Diode lasers are probably not the best idea for what I would like to do with my future laser. I've also learned a small but about bit about DPSS laser construction ( as in just the basics of how they are built and what parts go into them).

I'm curious now about hosts - mainly because if I ask someone to build me a laser I'd like to know what parts they used and why, and, if there is a heat sink or host that is better I'd like to understand the reasons behind it being better.

In regard to hosts it seems the kryton groove is the preferred host. It seems to only come in Stainless steel ( a great and durable conductor that is somewhat weatherproof).

What are the reasons this host is preferred. I am new so I apologize if this has been answered, if it has please point me in the direction of the answer. Thank you.