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PriceAngels über mini review

Dec 26, 2007
Hello guys, I used the $10.00 discount that John generously sent the ones who were included in the 'review poll' and got a Zalman cooler + 120mm Fan grill.

They both arrived in a standard HK Post bag, which is great since the product was in perfect conditions. They felt like it wasn't enough, so they wrapped the cooler and the grill in bubble wrap (separately). The package felt like a pillow :p

So yes, the company is definitely legit, some of you have already ordered from them but I just wanted to add a +1 to the legit list.

The 120mm Zalman cooler is indeed really silent, it does work perfectly and doesn't seem it will break soon since it has a fluid bearing (I also couldn't find the same product on any other website like dealextreme.com or dinodirect.com).

Anyway, sorry for the short review and for not taking pics, I don't have access to the USB ports on my PC currently since I need to wire them to a wall of my recently finished custom desk that holds the PC inside and an A/V Receiver (will post pics after I'm done with finals).

I definitely recommend John and PriceAngels: Cool Gadgets at the Right Price - WorldWide Free Shipping, they have shown nothing else than responsibility and legitimacy up to this day and will most probably continue being this way.

EDIT: Link to the fan: PC Case 120mm Chassis Heatsink Cooling Fan (White) $7.80 Free Shipping
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Aug 7, 2010
Yeah we need more sellers like John around here.
Thanks for the review :)