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price angels 50mW greenie with 5 effect caps


New member
Aug 7, 2010
here is a very short review of..

Price Angels' 50mW green laser with 5 Head Caps!

the link: here.
the price: $16.84
the build quality: 3/5 (read CONS)
the delivery time: overspec (15~20 days - 5/5)
the delivery handling etc: 5/5
the pros:
5 head caps
somehow strong (don't know if really 50mW, but looks like a 30mW one but I'm happy, as it is safer than 50mW)
can project the stars/effects @ 30mW away
heats after a time (gets pretty hot haha)
the included batteries wasn't fully discharged, maybe 80~70% charge :p

the cons:
some of the head caps are hard to move, some are too easy
1 is repeated :(
very bad modehopping/temperature issues
the biggest con: the back opening cap is crap. the internal screw-thread gets bigger than the cap thread in 1~2 tries to close the back. mine got permanently opened. I put some teflon tape and it got "A LITTLE" better. I think I was generous putting 3/5 @ build quality, but I'll not buy a similar laser again (with back open). It is working now.

oh, and it didn't included a instructions paper/manual haha :D

reserved space for the pics, please wait some time!