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P in VS P out census


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Aug 3, 2007
Let's all input power data and see what proformance averages out to be!

Every greeny owner ,Please give us:

1. Make and model and makers claimed power output.

2. Power output you measured or if you have no power meter state what you think it is by comparison or other means,.

3. Measured current draw to the laser, voltage is not important because LD's only needs @ 2v DC and circuit boards just drop voltage and don't use up enough current to matter.

4. The Manufactures specs. or put it's N/A.

5. Price in $

Here's the best ways to measure current.

1. With the end cap off, hold one lead to the laser case metal, other to the batt. end.
A $10 digital multimeter on the amp function or a analog needlethingy for you other peeps.
2. The way I prefer, measure the voltage drop across a wire or resistor and use formula volt/ohms=amps. I thinks there should be a .1 ohm or close resistor in series to your diode. It's insurance, a great way to protect against Murphy and perfect for current checking without breaking circuit! And it can be tiny. Get one off a junk circuit board, surfacemount would be ideal, get some tweezers and a blue flame. I use a magni. glass with flame bent handle in my teeth. (I hold the mag glass with my teeth) You can't see up close good when your 50. Bummer!
3. Or don't fake it, call on a geek, they love lasers too!
The input amps is the most important thing here!
Your just breaking the batt connection and reconnecting it though the meter on resistor your measuren voltage across. Just ask your Mom to help. LOL!

Now here is the prize... Everybody wins because we will find out the best Lasers to buy!

Dave GM

PS: Please vote for Paul (he won't raise your taxes and will stop special interest crooks)