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Off-the-shelf 360 degree "ring" or "plane" laser

Rachel T

New member
Feb 11, 2014
Hello folks,

First post! (though I've been lurking for some time now).

I'm trying to find a good way to generate a 360 degree laser ring, plane, or whatever you want to call it--kind of like a laser level except that I don't want it to be self-leveling (like most of the products out there seem to be). It also needs to be smaller than most laser levels I've seen (say, less than 4" in any dimension). Something shape more or less like a standard laser pointer is preferred, but not absolutely necessary. Power is not a concern, as it will be used at fairly short range in a dark location.

I've hacked together something very similar in the past using a tiny mirror/motor combo to create a scanning laser ring, but this is for a work project that may eventually be mass-produced, so something available off-the-shelf is vastly preferred.

I'm a robotics engineer but know quite little about lasers compared to most people here, so don't assume I've already thought of something if there's some ridiculously simple solution out there.

Ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.