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OEM Laser Systems - ARG Filter (190nm-532nm OD7+)


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Apr 13, 2010
So, here is a brief review of these goggles. I ordered two pair (ARG filters in the Medium Adjustable Framed Fit-over style) on 4/11/10, which was a Sunday. They shipped on 4/20/10 due to construction, and I received them today. They were originally $78.20/ea, but by ordering two I received a volume discount of $7.82. In total, it was $158.07 including shipping and insurance.

The box is well packed with bubble wrap. The glasses are each in their own glasses cases (branded OEM Laser Systems), made out of hard material with a zipper and belt clip. Each box contains one pair of glasses, a microfiber cleaning cloth, instructions, and a neck-strap (uber-nerdy).

The glasses appear to be high quality, the construction is good, and I like that they are over-sized and comfortable. They seem to fit well to my face, which makes me feel better. The lenses are marked with the ratings. The right lens reads: "190-532nm OD 7+ 48%VLT". The left lens reads: "180-315 D L7 + IR L4 >315-532 DM L5 + IR 6 NOIR (CE Logo)"

When wearing the glasses, my 100mW Blu-Ray's dot appears as an extremely faint green/yellow mark on the wall, and the beam is completely invisible. My eyes do not feel strained or stressed when looking at the dot. I thought that the 48% VLT would be too dark, but it looks lighter than most sunglasses, so I was pleasantly surprised. :)

Below are some pictures. I apologize for the quality, they are from a cell phone.