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OEM Laser (safety glasses) Review


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Feb 9, 2013
OEM Laser Systems (http://www.oemlasersystems.com) sells high quality laser safety glasses (among other things). The web site is very nice, with preview of the glasses and plenty of documentation. I got the model ARG#35 glasses, which come with a hard case, cleaning cloth, strap, and instructions. They are sturdy, well constructed, and fit well. This model has adjustable temple length.

There are no shipping choices - they use FedEx and it's expensive. It took the full 10 days before they shipped my order, then 3 days for FedEx to deliver.

The effect of the glasses is to turn the world orange. They let a lot of visible light through and do a great job of attenuating blue & green lasers. A blue laser viewed through the glasses appears yellow. With an OD of 7, these glasses are definitely better protection than the $5 glasses that are commonly available. Highly recommended if you can afford them and can wait 2 weeks to get them.

As for customer service, I initially had a little trouble creating an account at OEM Laser, but they responded quickly when I emailed them and got me set up and able to place an order with no further problems.


Jun 26, 2010
Thanks for the good review :)
Interesting company. Their shipping choices are a little strange, but they seem to be a very 'serious' business (not your average Chinese retailer) so I guess they need to arrive for applications like military/lab use, probably not for hobbyists.