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O-like Ultrafire 50mw 532nm Review


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Aug 2, 2010
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Hey guys and I think 1 or 2 girls. My o-like 50mW Ultrafire arrived this week and I wanted to give you guys a little review. I realzied that my last few reviews on the lasers I recevied were a little short (I'll proboaly redo them at some point) So I wanted to be a little bit more through on this laser and future reviews. At the moment I do not have a laser power meter so I won't comment on the actual power being that I have no definate way to determine it. Oh... and pictures aren't in any order.

This laser is kinda of a light laser. It has a small aliminum healsink and that doesn't add too much mass to the laser. Same goes for the power supply, it's a cr123. The host also doesn't have a also of mass. This laser is a lightweight so that is a little of alet down. This laser has a belt clip. Sounds cool right? No not really. First the belt clip is shaped in a strange manor, it is difficult to just slide on. I'm not really sure how some one can mess up a belt clip but they did. Secondly the belt clip is really flexable and that lets the laser slide away easily. If the laser had a little more weight and didn't have the belt clip this would of been rated higher. For the feel of this laser I would give it a 3/5.

The look of this host is really impressive. This laser is based off of the ultrafire HL-502b flashlight and it's a good looking light
The laser came pretty much free of external defects except for a little bur on the tail cap's hole for the lanyard. Another small thing I want to point out is that inplace of the glass lens on the flashlight it is replaced by a black piece of metal with a hole drilled in the center. This piece is glued into place with glue visible on the outside of the laser. In summary this is a very nice looking but it has glue showing on the exterior. I would give the overal look of this laser a 4/5.

Just as a reference I am based in the easten united states. I placed the order for this laser on Saturday, 9/11/10. This laser was shipped out from Hong Kong on wednesday 9/15/10. The package was delivered on 9/29/10 (of course I wasn't home so I had to pick it up at the post office the next day, but I'm not holding that aginst o-like). So from order date to delivery it was a total of 18 days. This isn't super quick shipping but basic $8 shipping you can't expect too much. So I am not going to complain about shipping time. All of the items I received (two lasers, charger, and two batteries) were all individually wrapped in a lot of bubble wrap. I was happy with how the laser was shipped and packaged. I paid for basic shipping so I am content with the time. I would give shipping a 4/5.

Okay this is kinda tricky to do without a power meter, so I am going to skip the output power till i get a lpm. This laser has a perfectly visible beam at night and in a dark room. What I can tell you though is the beam specs :) This laser has a narrow beam leaving it's lens, around 1mm. The beam has a bit of spash radiating from it, but has a pronounced round dot in the middle. This laser get a little warm after two minutes of use, but nothing that I am worried about. Even after two minutes of contiunous not noticable power or mode flucutations were observed. Overall I am content with how the laser proformed. Proformace I would give 4/5 because it wasn't perfect, but perfectly acceptable to me.

Alright I paid $37 for this laser. I think that is a perfectly fair price for this laser. Keep in mind though that this laser didn't come with a charger and if didn't have one that would add ~$5 to the price. There are 50mw lasers on other sites for less money, but I think given the prormance of this laser it is worth the extra money to have something a little more stable. 3/5 Could be cheaper

Overall I am happy with this laser its mostly almost everything that is it advertised to be for a fair price. I would give this laser an overall rating of 3.5/5. Somethings I would change about this laser: more massive heatsink, removal of the belt clip, low the price to around $30, and apply the glue internally rather than externally.

Short Summary:
Laser: O-Like Ultrafire 50mw 532nm
Wavelength: 532nm
Output Power: 50mW
Style: Flashlight Host with switch on tail cap
Focusable: Kinda, you have to scrape the glue off the module
Power Source: CR123

Pros: Performance, Looks cool
Cons: Could have a better feel, and could be a little cheaper

There are a few more pictures on the review on my web site
O-like Ultrafire 50mw 532nm Review
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