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O-Like Cute 150mw 532nm Review


New member
Oct 7, 2010
Well, I've had a bit of time to play around with the laser,a good 3-4 days. This is my first "real" laser besides the cheap pointers.

As far as o-like, their service is great. My first order had some problems but they were solved quickly. I orderd on oct 14 and got in on oct 29. The packaging was basic but protected everything as nothing was scratched or mashed.

On to the goods. The "XLS xinshengli" charger had me a tad confused though as to the meaning of the color of lights. Figured it out though, Flashing green/orange= charging then solid green = charged. Got the battery popped in, negative end first. Clicked the on/off, didnt like the huge gap between the actual buttion and the orange cover, replaced it with a shorter black one i had. It has a nice beam in my moderatly lit room. I dont have a LPM but it does seem to look and burn like videos of 150mw I've seen. The laser feels pretty solid aside from the focus ring, it shifts around a bit, the beam moves with it. Also the part that held the lens, it's threads were loose in the threads of the focus ring and caused my focus to skip around. Good thing I got some skills though, popped the laser open and took the "lens holder" and slightly spread it's legs appart, they got the threads on them and I only spread them a bit less then the thread depth.

Seems to be up to spec (not LPM confirmed mind you)
battery lasts quite a while (only charged once in three days of playing around)

Focus ring QC problems (mine was fixable with ring opening plyers)
Focus ring shifts along with lens (beam moves a bit too)
Orange buttion dust cap too tall, huge orange buttion on small laser...why?(maybe not a real con but it bugged me)

So I'd give it a 6/10 out of box and a 9/10 after fix/mod-ing. So I say it's a case of getting what you pay for. For $105 I'm satisfied with it, as i was able to fix it with nothing more than time.

The beam shot is with a bit of smoke in the room and a 1 sec exposure.



New member
Apr 12, 2011
Just wanted to jump on here to add my positive feedback for this laser. I recived my 150mw cute o-like laser 13days after I ordered it all the way to Chicago. I had no problems at all. The laser is great, small, very bright and exactly what I was hoping for. So far so good. Visable beam indoors with relativly bright lighting. Outdoors at night, it rocks!!