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Noob with laser pointers! Need help! Whats the best laser I could get for under $100?


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Dec 14, 2010
I bought a high powered green laser pointer from Ocean City, Maryland last summer. It was really cool, but then I lost it. Now I would like to get a new high power laser pointer to replace it for Christmas.

I just want one that is green and/or blue, has a long distance (preferably 5 miles), is easily visible and very bright (can be seen during day), uses batteries I can easily buy from store(like aaa batterys), and under $100.
I Pretty much want the best one I can get for $100 or less to be used just for entertainment purposes

Could someone advise me what to get??
What is mw mean?
Is higher the mw then the better?
Whats the highest nw?
What is nm?
Is 5 miles the best distance I can get?
What features about a laser pointer will tell me that its better then other and will be brighter and go a further distance?

I hear theres blue ones that can burn things and pop balloons. How much do those cost?

I checked out Premier Source of Green - Red Laser Pointers & Corporate Engraved Gifts Since 1999 and found that they have a green laser pointer that goes 5 miles at night. It cost around $70 and includes another free green laser.
Is this a good deal?
Or is there better deals?
Is there any coupons I can use for certain sites?

Can anyone tell me more info about this as Im a complete noob for lasers and dont understand anything about them. I am asking all this here because I dont understand what is said in the other topics.

Thank you for your time and help! I appreciate it!
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