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Nichia NUBM44-V2 laser diode datasheet, where I can find it?


Mar 6, 2019
Got it! Going deeper on Nichia's page I found that they made 20W laser diodes based on arrays of 1W diodes, by your professional point of view, do you consider that it's better to implement an array of low power laser diodes, or go with high power laser diodes, thank's for the information, really interesting the quantum physics topic.
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I've always said beam quality is king when all else is equal, for most uses in entertainment or pointer attributes. Because it means a higher power density over longer distance = moar pewpew.
In same way, beam quality same or better and higher power = better diode array, or better as a solo diode. For me what has been interesting is seeing these high power diodes PBS'd with different correction optics, compared to a traditional array of lower power diodes. They are very close in result!

The simplicity lends to positive characteristics for large arrays. The trick with these new didoes is the higher power density at the emitter without being much worse beam quality than the lower power diodes. So a bit of beam quality trade off but much higher power density/brightness, which goes back to the first line :)

I'm honestly not sure if you can find the 443nm arrayed projector bank spec sheet, it's definitely an avenue to look down (something I've done in past for other diodes).