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Nov 27, 2007
New to the forum and first post. Just wanted to say hello to all. Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Lucent Optical unit. Hope to find info on their products/reputation here.



Hi. Welcome!
I think that the EnVee is the same as the Nova Alpha series, which is a CNI PGL-IIIA.

I just received my Alpha 125 from Nova on November 12th. Actually went to the post office that day (Veteran's Day in the US and it was closed) and got them to open up the door and hand it to me!

Per the paperwork that came with the laser, it's putting out about 148mW average. I calculated divergence, and it's around .875 mR. In short, it's a great burner. Does MUCH better with Energizer e2 lithiums, though. Seems like it needs the full 3 volts to get to full power. Using rechargeables works fine, but, burning isn't as easy. Rechargeables are good for general pointing, and up close burning. e2's can pop balloons at several feet.

Overall feel: It's sturdy. Good feel in the hand. End cap for the batteries comes off and goes on smoothly. Nova's case is great, too.

Oh, when you get it, CHECK the aperture carefully. My first one had a screw that came off inside the laser head. Not a good thing. But, I'd ordered the Alpha 105 from Nova, and when I sent it back to them, they upgraded me to the 125.

In short, it's a good laser, good experience with Nova. You pay a bit more, but, in my opinion, I've gotten what I paid for.