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NEW version of handy rack for modules from AixiZ


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Apr 2, 2009
An older version of this has been offered by AixiZ for years. The newer version is more user friendly as instead of needing an allen wrench to tighten you now just turn the knobs to position your module in an infinate number of positions.

It comes with either an aluminum finish or the anodized black like I have in my photos below. It can be mounted easily with the screws that are included on any flat surface vertical or horizontal.

Any 12 mm module or small pen laser fits and can be held in place by simply tightening the mount. It would not be hard to fashion a holder for other size pointers and the holder could be used to keep the momentary button on.(don't forget that duty/rest cycle tho!!).

The older version sold for $10.80 Plus 3.50 Expedited shipping and I believe this one goes for the same, not sure as this was given to me as a free sample(Thnx Dr Chuck-again). Although you can buy AixiZ items on the eekBay site they prefer that we shop at AixiZ.com and they also sell on Amazon. Items ship very quickly from Houston, Texas and AixiZ has some of the best support and warranties in the biz.

From the listing:

12mm Module housing Rack for AixiZ 12x30MM laser modules.

This rack kit has 2 joints to adjust module holder's angle in different ways. The base has 3 screw holes for securing the unit on a solid surface.

link to Feebay listing (for reference only)-- always note when ordering that you are a LPF member.

12x30mm AixiZ Laser Mount and Lab Holder - eBay (item 360305495750 end time Oct-06-10 10:09:11 PDT)


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