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New style dilda indicator help


New member
Apr 4, 2010
Hey everyone! hope youre having a nice day...:p
anyway, aside from greetings, i need help. i have a 400mW IR in a new style dilda host. id REALLY like to add an LED indicator for safety by drilling a hole in the host, and wiring it up. its just a small led, came from a broken guitar tuner. im willing to buy a fresh one, though, if needed. id just like to know how to go about this, would i need higher voltage batteries than cr2s, or whatever needed. i saw everett's 445 build, but his was wayyy too complicatd for my tastes. id just like to keep it simple. ill take pictures of the driver, diode, host, if you guys need to see.

im sorry if ths is in the wrong section, i just figured its not particularly an IR related question, more of a general question. mods, feel free to move it wherever:)

anyway, any and all input is appreciated. thanks!