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New Nerd from Niagara (Canadian side)

Mar 15, 2015
Names Ryan, in my 30's with first child due any day now. When my free time isn't spent with the love of my life, it's spent in front of my computer screen(40" LCD Sharp), googling how big of a geek I want to be. I'm an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality DK1 owner, and regular user, massive Steam PC Gaming library, I intend to support VR consistently(waiting list for Cast AR HMD, HTC+Valve Vive HMD, and OSVR Dev kit), and develop small projects when I can. Regularly reading Make: Magazine online, and print, makershed as well as Instructables Hobby and development projects, always looking for the next coolest thing to build myself. I'm an avid pop culture TV and Movie Nerd. I have a strong lean trowards Sci-fi(NOT Doctor Who...that is not SCI, it's only fiction). Currently working on a few projects;
2:Large Scale (Doorway size), Infinity Mirror
3:New PC build
4:DIY Gear VR Headset(if I get my hands on a cheap used Galaxy Note 4) All of which I hope to customize whith some level of Laser use especially the Infinity Mirror and the PC Case mod. Been checking this site on and off for very long time. Decided it was time to join and start getting my plans straight for my projects and utilize the experience and advice from the vast majority of members of this great community!
P.S. I'm not a big forum user. Only ever joined 2 before this, so please be gentle!