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Jul 27, 2007
I am new here, some off u might remember me from the lc forum. But since you can't dicuss anything other than wicked there, i've decided to join here, who wants a forum were u can only discuss lasers from one manufacturer. :-/
Anyhow i willl still make some posts there every now and then if i see something interesting, but in the mean while this seems to be the perfect place to hang around and discuss other kind off lasers. I am not a huge poster, i have about 550 posts at lc and i have been there for almost 2 year, some guys make 3 times that amount of posts in less time.
So i live in Belgium, tiny European country for those off u who have never heard off it. I live in a city called Geraardsbergen, but in fact i am only there in the weekend, most off the time i live in Gent. That's the city i study in, i have a little studio there. I currently own 2 lasers both off them are from wicked. I have a cni from back in the day when wicked still just sold cni's. I've had it for almost 2 years now and it still works great. The other one is a wicked evo 15mw, wich is almost certainly overpowered, and the good thing about it is that it was almost entirely paid for with wicked bucks ;D

I've attatched a pic off my lasers in action, more will follow.




Welcome aboard, man ! Just as an FYI, you will not be able to post links to any websites, etc until you have reached 20 posts - since c0ldshadow implemented that, it has almost entirely obliterated all spam ! :) I know that sucks, but since that is the only thing that sucks here, it's all good ! Again, welcome - you have TONS of reading to do Kick back, enjoy, and have fun here - that's what it is all about :)