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New Embed Youtube Feature - How to Use


New member
Jan 7, 2011
*** Posting images of text boxes from this forum onto this thread has made this a bit hard to follow so please only pay attention to the bold orange text as the rest of the test is actually within pictures:D Sorry if this causes any confusion

Embedding videos can really improve a thread specially if you are showing off a new laser or custom build. You used to have to remember the embedding code in order to do this as youtube embed code was no accepted. Well now we made it easier. I was able to contact C0ld who worked with Dr.Laser to add an embed Youtube button that you will now see in the upper left corner of quick reply and advanced replay text boxes. Big thanks to C0ld and Dr.Laser for this!

However you still have to know how to use this button.

If you want to embed a video simply go to that video in another window. Copy the text as shown below.


The in the text box of your comment or thread click you cursor where ever you would like the video to appear then click the embed youtube button as shown below.

This will make the embed tags appear. Then just paste the code you copied from the video between the brackets as you see here.

And then you are done.