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Need recommendations


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Jan 7, 2013
Although i've been fascinated with lasers for years it was only recently that I bought my first Green Laser, the DX true 5mw green Lasers to play around with.

Now I would like something more powerful but been new to all this I hope you could help me chose the place to buy my next laser. What i'm looking for is a green laser, preferrably over 100mw that I could use for burning, specially lighting cigarettes, but that also costs more or less 110$ (specially less) as I have a limited budget.

The main problem is there a plenty of sites to choose from but i hope you could recommend one that offers good quality service/products i'm not looking to buy chinese knockoffs that last for 5 min. From what i've been seeing the best option could be lazerer.com.

Are they any good? Can you recommend something similar or better?

P.S: Even though i'm new i've fully read and understood the safety precautions needed when handling these lasers so YES I will buy and wear safety googles if I buy such a laser.

Just don't wanna be treated like irresponsable fool with permanent eye damage thats all :yabbem: