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Need Help and suggestions Constructing a 250mW Blu-ray laser


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May 20, 2010
Hi I just bought a 250mW 405nm blu-ray laser (check out the link)

250mW+ 405nm High Power Blue-Violet Laser Diode Module - eBay (item 280507873408 end time May-23-10 08:40:47 PDT)

I also bought the a micro drive v3 from rkcstr

And then I intend on powering it with 2 3.7volt rechargeable batteries

I had also bought a lasorb which will protect my laser from positive or negative ESD charges.

1. I am wondering at what mA should I drive the laser diode to and how do I know when its at a certain mA.

2. Also should I just assemble the DIY kit creating the driver that the laser came with or just use the rkcstr micro drive.

3. Should I buy a more effective heatsink for the laser

4. And please let me know if there is anything wrong with what I bought and if im missing any key parts



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1.- To know the current your driver is set at, you need a multimeter. Just put your multimeter in amp mode and connect it to the driver output. Then, adjust the pot until the current is the one you want, and you're ready to attach the diode. You can also use a test load, like suggested above, but it's not really needed for this kind of driver.

2.-I would use the rkcstr, much more reliable.

3.-If you plan to make long burns, yes. If you can keep the runs under 30 secs +-, you can run it without it.

4.-You're not missing anything else, I just checked and you bought a preassambled module. Next time, however, I suggest you to avoid ebay as a laser components source. You paid 2x the price.

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np, always glad to help. Come back if you have any other doubts once you start constructing it. It's better to prevent than to heal ;)