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Need a few info about IR leakage and self install filters


New member
Dec 6, 2010
Thanks in anticipation to who reads this post, i would like to info about IR leakage management and have a few question for xperts:

1) Does blue laser around 445/447 have Infrared leakage?

2) Let's say, that i'm going to install IR Filters outside the held of a 532 green, the reflected IR do not come back into the diode, causing temp increase and premature fail?

3) Using IR filter, let's say, fixed with therma epoxy, could not allow lateral leak from the filter, if not properly sealed?

4) The IR filters does not get damaged by 532 green above 100mw?

5) There are limitation using external IR filters (like Nova or Radiant)?

6) Ok..thats sounds stupid..but WHERE EXTACLY GOES the IR emission that is filtered? I mean, in phisycs... every energy needs to be properly dismissed..so the IR filter, get the heat and dissipates it? (i dont think so) it REFLECTS the heat, or...what else?



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Sep 12, 2007
1 - no
2 - it is a filter - it absorbs the energy, not reflect it.
3 - not really. The IR is in more or less of a beam form. And leakage would not be in a beam and therefore virtually harmless.
4 - No, the filters are not damaged unless they are crappy filters.
5 - I'm not sure what you mean
6 - it is converted to heat by the filter. A few mW of heat is not much. Consider the pump diode creates hundreds of mW of heat.