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My son's new mission: Kids Adopt A Shelter


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Dec 9, 2010
Hey all,

I just wanted to raise some attention for my son's new project. Some back-story:

My wife's little sister works at an animal shelter. (The Little Shelter in Huntington Station, NY) My son heard all the stories and had seem facebook pics of my sis-in-law with all these different dogs and decided he wanted to help.

So for our Halloween bash, he asked us to request our guests bring blankets, pillows, towels or flat sheets. Maybe a mismatched bedsheet or a stained blanket would be perfect. He was happy with 2 boxes, but felt he could do better.

Between 11/5 and 12/23 he created a facebook group, posted signs around the neighborhood stores, and started working the homeschool network that we are a part of. In that time, he had collected so much stuff that it filled my wife's Jeep Grand Cherokee to the hilt. Over 50 blankets, just under 100 sheets, 3 dozen pillows, 250 pounds of food and another 100 lbs of treats, and even a mini-fridge! Or yeah, about 200 toys, how could I forget the toys...

The shelter made him an honorary Gold Volunteer. But still, he felt he could do better... Backstory complete

So he's started on a new mission: Kids Adopt a Shelter

His goal is to establish a nation-wide network that can do the same thing for their local shelters, as well as share resources among different shelters as needed.

This morning, he and my wife set up his new Facebook Group/page and a Blogspot page. Sure enough, in just 12 hours, he got 1000 likes/fans. People from all across the country and then all across the globe chimed in with their supportive words and their 'likes'.

So now I turn to you guys and gals. Check out his page and even better, share it.

Kids Adopt a Shelter facebook page
Kids Adopt a Shelter Blog
An Article on Examiner.com (after only 8 hours from initial post)

You may not want to get involved, but someone you know might. Right now he's just looking to spread the word, build an audience, and within the next few days , we will be making a formal announcement with concrete goals and plans to reach those goals.

Thanks for reading and sharing

Sending wishes for a safe and happy New Years to all!


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May 10, 2011
sounds like a really neat organization thanks for sharing


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Feb 5, 2011
Very kind of you to create this neat organization !