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My new O-Like 100Mw red no different than the Amazon 5mW!

Apr 8, 2012
About 2 weeks ago, I made the mistake of ordering a red 100mW cheap laser from Olike for about $11.99 or so, because like 2 days later, I read about that 3 laser value pack from Amazon for $26, with a red, green and violet laser, all of which are supposed to be way over spec. So I get the 3 pack in last week, and today, I FINALLY get the red laser ordered earlier.

So I put a new battery in it, and immediately compared it to the <5mW Amazon.com red laser, and if anything, the <5mW form Amazon might be a little more powerful!

That blows! Now I have 2 of the same, and wasted some money too.....

What blows even more, was that I got home to see a registered mail paper on my door, and I thought it was the new Zebralight SC600 I just ordered on Sunday from Ga, so I drove all the way to the post office, only to find out it was the darn laser, and to make matters worse, I got pulled over by a cop on the way!

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