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My new b.o.t. laser build

Jul 3, 2007

Some of you may have seen my previous thread where I shared my idea on powered focal adjustment with my ball of tape laser. I put some more work and thought into it and after about 9 hours of work this was the result. In case you are wondering what the noise is, I sealed a buzzer in hot glue and wired it to be on when the laser is ready to use. I did this as a safety precaution in case for what ever reason the leds do not work. I intended to make it beep every 10 or so seconds but my timer circuit didnt work out and I go lazy..... :)Though it has an unintended benefit. The noise turns into a squeal when the laser begins to get a little to warm indicating to me to stop using for a bit. I am not sure exactly how that works but it does lol. The body is built from 2 18650 battery packs holding 2 batteries. Both packs are is series and are wired together in parallel for increase of both mah and voltage. It last forever. I actually have not had to charge it once since building it and I use it a lot.
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