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My new 9mm 445nm Chunk host and 2.4 A X-Drive


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Mar 21, 2014
I decided that I wanted to go bigger. I read a few 1000 posts.

Really it was about 50 :whistle:

I looked all over for a host I could afford, a diode and driver. I ended up with:
DTR's Shop
Zero lasers Chunk
445nm 9mm Diode 2.4A X-Drive Non Stock Lens Option
Artic Silver Thermal paste
Efest IMR 18350 x 2 and a charger

It was fun building it. DTR is a nice and helpful; Thank you DTR for you advise! He suggested that I don't heat sink the driver so the diode would last longer. I like that idea mainly because I invest way to much in computer parts, shooting and other toys that a decent diode is a big deal. Thing is I cam a Texan, and the ambient temp out side can get a little warm.​
So I mulled over it a day or so, and decided that I would go with DTR's suggestion of not running it more that 120 seconds, but I would heat sink the driver a little to overcome our slightly warm Texas climate.​
I took a stock GPU heat sick and modified it to fit in side the larger heat sink. I took all the pretty blue, then cut it into 1/8 x 1/8 inch pieces. Epoxied them to the driver; then I made a Thermal Epoxy bridge from the heat sink to the large heat sink.​


Soldered2.jpgDriver in Heat sink

Test_Fit_Heatsink.jpgTest Fit Driver Heat sinks

Epoxyed_Test_Fit.jpg Attached Heat sinks

Snug_in_there.jpg Tight Fit.....:thinking:

Epoxyed_to_Large_Heatsink.jpg So I used the Thermal Epoxy to Bridge the Driver heat sink to the large heat sink

Finished.jpg Done

'I've seen the LIGHT; thru slightly rose colored goggles :D '
Link to test video before heat sinking driver
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Jun 24, 2010
Nice build. Glad you got it all worked out. Enjoy.:beer: