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My Laser Sale


Jul 6, 2009
soo, i've decided to sell many of my lasers in order to save for a new DSLR camera that i've wanted for a while now. I prefer to sell these all together as one instead of separating them all, so i'm asking 120$ (this includes the shipping) for everything i have here

for sale by f.ramirez01, on Flickr

I don't have a power meter, but i base all these visually using my 50mW (62mW) nova lasers as a control

Top Left: 532nm green I forgot where i have gotten this, website said 50mW (i think that's a bit optimistic) though i think it's ~35mW
Middle Left: O-Like 200mW 650nm red. Old style
Bottom Left: Rayfoss 100mW 405nm violet. comes why kaleidoscope
Top Right: Price Angels 50mW 532nm green. comes w/ 18650 battery and seems to be ~50mW
Middle Right: Keychain 523nm. I've forgotten which website this was purchased on, though i'd say it is around 25mW since it doesn't seem nearly as bright as a 50mW pointer. My weakest laser of the bunch. comes w/ 10440 battery
Bottom Right: O-Like 50mW 532nm pointer w/ 5 kaleidoscope heads. i'd say this is just a bit less than 50mW, but it is neat to use when playing with the heads. it does take a while to warm up to full power, so don't be surprised to see it pretty dim at first.

Any Questions and such, just let me know. As stated, i wish to sell them all together for 120$, preferably domestic as well, but i can check in w/ international shipping rates as well. I'm open to offers as well.

I'll accept paypal only

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Jun 24, 2012
if it's $120 shipped I'll buy, I live in BC Canada so shipping wouldn't be that much