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My first laser was with Dr Towne

May 10, 2008
I might have seen a laser prior to the night in question but the earliest laser I can remember seeing was demonstrated by Dr Charles Towne, who had the Nobel  Prize for masers. He and I lived in New Boston, New Hampshire.  Around that time a "Light" in the sky caused a motorcycle rider to crash downtown in front of the library. I have a feeling Dr. Towne was firing a laser from his house out over the center of town. He came to the Congregational church and severql dozen people were there for his talk. He had a red laser which made a spot about 2 inches on the wall. The light seemed to be similar to x-ray diffraction of an atom or molecule-but my memory may be off.
I believe he lost a patent fight over about 40% of laser royalties as a competitor seems to have had 2 years priority on the phenomenon. If anyone hacks masers I would be interested in learning about that. I am at this e-mail bear@math.com