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My Commodore 65 emulator


Feb 25, 2009
Yes, the 65 in the title is not a typo: there is such a thing as a Commodore 65, and I have just released the fourth version of Hi65, my high-level Commodore 65 emulator.

That machine has fascinated me since I got aware of its existence (that was about in 2002), and for years I have waited for an emulator that would run the BASIC 10 programs that can be found in sites such as this one. In 2011, I realized that the only way I could get such an emulator was to make it myself (the old versions of MESS sort-of supported it, but graphical operations with over 16 colors were extremely glitchy and slow, while newer version don't even load C65 programs correctly). So I started reverse-engineering tokenized BASIC 10 programs and made a program that would interpret them instruction by instruction, as if each BASIC 10 token was a machine code instruction for a virtual processor (that's what I mean by "high-level": I look at the C65 through the high abstraction level of BASIC 10 programs, while I don't care about the physical CPU and all that concerns it).

I made the first release at the end of August 2013, and just now I have made the fourth release. The main addition I made for v4 is the support for sequential files, and, as you will see in the Downloads section, the program I made as an example of file manipulation is... a simple database that classifies lasers.

If you like it, donations are always welcome, and if you want to get the latest updates about my software works, you can like my Facebook page.
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Jan 17, 2014
OMG Devil. I owned a commodore vic 20 and a 64 back in the day. Yes, I really am that old. I remember basic and I also remember the compiler language that came with them! lol I used to program video games on them back in the day! I also used to run ramdom number generators using the basic language and pick the lotto numbers a couple million times to get an average then pick them with that! It used to takes days to run! LOL So many memories of it and the first 500baud phone modem!