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Mar 25, 2015
Hello everyone!

I purchased a wicked laser spyder 3 from FutureOne here on the forums, and it arrived DOA. I'm sure something happened during shipping as he seems like a good guy but now however I want to get it repaired does anybody feel like taking on the job for me?

I should've mentioned that it appears that this diode is zombied. Driver still out puts the correct amperage I would assume not knowing what the amperage should be for an Arctic.

I will buy the diode from DTR and driver if necessary, and simply ship everything to you and pay for the repair. Would like to retain original functionality with switch and modes so driver replacement may not be an option however I feel the driver is fine as it unlocks and goes through all of the modes just fine albeit very very dimly.

Please help me so I am not totally out of a laser here.

P.S. I just realized there is a repair board sorry for posting this here.
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