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LTDash Amazon Laser Review


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Jan 1, 2013
Product Ordered: Amazon.com: 5mw 532nm Military High Power Green Laser Pointer Pen: Electronics from eZone

Date Ordered: 03/09/2013 3:00 PM EST

Shipped: 03/09/2013 8:00 PM EST

Received: 03/12/2013 3:30 PM EST


My first impressions of the laser was it was very bright compared to other 5mW I had seen. However, the beam is easily visible at night at any angle and view able in the daylight at <15 degree angles from the aperture. The host is very nice, all metal besides the button, and has excellent heat sinking. There are 2 included lithium ion batteries at 1200mAh 2.6-4.5 volts each. My power estimation is between 5-25mW but I am unsure. I compared the dot of the laser to a 150mW and 50mW lasers and found it to be much dimmer than the 150mW and slightly dimmer than the 50mW. The laser will not provide any heat when shined on skin and it also will not burn through plastic. I have yet to try it will a balloon. Overall the laser is still a decent buy though not 70-100mW as mentioned in another review on this forum.
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