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Looking to BUY/trade Gas Lasers and optical equipment


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Nov 16, 2011
Hello Folks,

I'm looking to buy or trade for affordable gas laser WITH power supplies; and other stuff.

I'm not nessirily looking for power but consistency and Coherence Length! (High powered, high coherence lasers still interest me but they may be out of my price range, see trade)

Here's the list in order of what i want most:

Green HeNe Laser ~.8mW - 10 mW
Red HeNe ~.8 - 10 mW
Spatial Filter (Preferable with 10-25µm pinhole)
A Breadboard! (Not the kind for eating)
Misc Optical equipment


I happen to make art using coherent light but i am currently without a lab now that i am no longer a student. Currently i dont have anything but a few measly dirty laser pointers. If there are any pieces of artwork which you like i am willing to trade Prints for the tools i need to make more. I make prints anywhere from 8x10 up through 44x55 inches! :drool:

Check out the website in my signature to see if anything might interest you!
Of course donations would be welcome too :angel::na: